Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Gotta Feelin'

I've had a couple of experiences lately that left me with a great feeling, which made me start thinking of all of the things/experiences that leave me with a good feeling. I know that's hard to quantify, but I also think we all intrinsically just get it. So I want to make a list, kind of like Julie Andrews favorite things song, to remind me of some of them. Some are deep, some a super shallow.
  • When your spouse or someone else close to you prays over you. Not just prays FOR you, but prays OVER you.
  • When you pull on a pair of jeans you haven't worn in a while, fearing they will be too tight, but they fit perfectly.
  • A walk in Spring when the flowers are in perfect bloom and the birds are chirping.
  • The end of a good run.
  • The inner peace after a meaningful talk with a friend or family member.
  • Finding out someone close to you is engaged or pregnant.
  • Watching a baptism.
  • Driving down a back road at twilight.
  • Going on a road trip by yourself and listening to worship music the whole time.
  • Being on the beach.
  • Finding cash in an old coat pocket.
  • Checking the mail, finding zero bills, and a letter from a friend or family member instead.
  • Going back to a beloved place from an earlier season of life.
  • Getting a full night of sleep.
  • When your morning cup of coffee starts to take effect.
I'm sure I could think of more, but these are off the top of my head.  What should I add to the list?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Peach Cobbler Scones

Sugar is back! Scones are in the Saturday brunch rotation. In general everything has been really too sweet tasting, but not the scones. Scones aren't meant to be overly sweet, you know?

The recipe is here. I highly recommend it, but add more peaches.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sugar, Sugar, Aw, Honey, Honey

So Beth and I decided back in early December that we would give up sugar for the month of January to kind of detox from ALL THE CHRISTMAS GOODIES. I'll be honest, I expected it to be easy. It hasn't been challenging in the way training for a marathon or going to law school is hard, but it was harder than expected as someone who is definitely a salty over sweet person.  Also, I will admit that I cheated in small ways about once per week. Here are my observations.

1. I thought I was an abstainer, but alas, I am a moderator.

Gretchin Rubin says that people are generally moderators or abstainers. They either do best with just having a little bit of indulgence or they need to totally cut it out of their lives. I always thought I was an abstainer since I've never smoked or had alcohol, but this made me realize that was only in areas I feel incredibly deep convictions about. If it's something I know isn't the best, but I don't have strong feelings towards then I get annoyed when I can't sometimes have it. I feel like I'm an adult, I eat what I want.

2. I want what I can't have. Not much to say here besides "Oh, how delicious all the Snickers and Reese Cup commercials look when you're not eating sugar!"

3.  For me, eating has a lot to do with celebrating and other socializing.

Two of the times I cheated were in social settings.  The first one was at some new friends' house for dinner, and they served dessert. I wanted to partake in that with them. The second was at a kids' birthday party. I really wanted to eat cake to celebrate. I've been dying to have scones or something similar for our new Saturday brunch tradition just because of the way it would feel.

4. I really don't have that much sugar in general.

On a regular day, my sugar only comes from a couple of places.  One is about a tablespoon or less each day in my coffee (boy do I miss that!). The other is maybe some sugary creamer in my coffee if I'm feeling adventurous. Also, if I take a nap I always wake up wanting ice cream. I also get on Jello kicks every now and then. Besides those, I don't really bake or anything so I think I'm average or better than average on sugar consumption in general.  Tell me if I'm wrong.

So yeah, that's that. I'm making peach cobbler scones for brunch tomorrow.  Who wants to come over? :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sledding at the Beach!

We had an ice storm with some snow mixed in overnight.  Coastal Carolina is NOT used to this so everything shut down.  Alex and I worked from home for a few hours then decided we really wanted to attempt braving the roads and see what the beach looks like in snow.  The roads were medium bad.  Nothing scary ever happened to us, but it helped that Alex is a great driver and there was no one else out to interfere.

the bridge to Wrightsville Beach
The walk to the beach access was basically ice, but fun.

It looks like we have white sand beaches, but it's snow!

We were the only ones with a real snow item, everyone else was using boogie and skim boards.

Dedicated or insane?
Here's a great video of Alex sledding.  Ignore that I say the wrong date.  I'm not keeping track of such things on a snow day!

The highest hills here are sand dunes.

The surfer and I have similar posture.

It was really hard to get up even the tiny ledge because it was ice.

Poor palm trees!

Hard to see, but the name on this house is "Endless Summer"; you sure about that?
Great day!  Alex is already off for tomorrow.  We'll see what happens with me!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I forgot to add our church to the list of things I'm liking on the Internet yesterday.  We absolutely love the Sunday teachings at our church, Port City Community Church.  We walk away each week and can really remember and apply what our pastor talks about.  If you've been in church any length of time then you know that's saying something.

You can watch old messages here.  You can get them on iTunes for free as well.  Also, if you are home bound or sick one Sunday then you can watch the service live at 5pm through the website as well.  The Sunday evening service is the same as the Sunday morning.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Things I'm Enjoying Online

With so many bad things on the Internet, I thought I'd share a few things worth your time that I've been enjoying.


This is at the top of list!  Basically you sign up for Unroll Me to help you unsubscribe from all your annoying email subscriptions.  I know for me that there were a lot of subscriptions that I thought I unsubscribed from, but somehow I'd still get emails from them.  Not anymore!  And it's done in a very streamlined way that takes less than 10 minutes.  Then with the subscriptions you want to keep, you can put them in a daily roll up so that it collects them all and just sends them to you in one email.  I love it because I get that in the mornings then the rest of the day if I have an email it's always from a friend/ real person.  I can't recommend this enough!  (It also has on-going detections for any new subscriptions.)


The Skimm!  I heard about this on the blog Eat, Live, Run.  It sends me an email on weekday mornings (in my daily roll-up, haha) with summaries of big national and world news headlines.  I like it because it's super to the point, but you can also click over to the full story if you are more interesting.  It takes me about 5 minutes to read each morning, and yet I feel like I can talk about the world in an educated way to people now.  I know that it really hits all of the best stories because if I read it, then turn on a news network later in the day I already know literally everything they are talking about so that's great.  One disclaimer though: it definitely takes a more liberal bend towards things than my personal belief system, but I feel like I'm wise/ intelligent enough to know when it is doing that and filter it through my own world view.  You can go to their website and see the most recent Skimm before enrolling.

If you don't have a Pinterest account, I think you should get one.  There's a lot of hatred towards Pinterest out there, but my opinion is that those people just don't know how to use it correctly.  It is my very favorite social media sight.  Maybe I will do another post on that someday because for now I want to talk about how I love my pinboard with my fashion pins.  In the Fall I started really pinning to it more at the prompting of the blogger Hayley from Tiny Twig.  It has really helped me discover what type of style I like wear.  It made packing for trips last year so much easier!  I can really see now how to wear and layer clothing items I already have and like for a new look.  It's great.

Ok, so maybe I haven't actually used this yet, but I plan to tonight.  Also I told Beth about it, she used it and she liked it, so it's impossible that I will not like it.  This is the 7 minute work out, and it just plays on your screen like pictured above and you follow along.  I've been super slacking on my cross-training because I'm too tired/lazy to do a Jillian Michaels' DVD even though that's only 30 minutes.  I know I can talk myself into 7 minutes and then hopefully it will be so great that I do it twice!

What are you liking on the Internets?!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Brunch and Arm Knitting

Now that we've actually been home on the weekends for a change we've instituted a Saturday brunch tradition.  It's fun/ funny because it's the only time Alex cooks.  He comes up with what we make based on a restaurant he ate breakfast at in Dallas and really liked.  One weekend it was BLT bagels, and last weekend it was scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese and a hashbrown side.  This morning it was homemade biscuits with bacon, egg, and cheese.  Clearly we try to incorporate bacon whenever possible.  It's also nice because we sleep in pretty late and then don't eat a meal again til dinner.

This afternoon I did a little arm knitting.  I had no idea this existed till Beth told me about it earlier this week.  It's pretty nifty!  Basically you use your arms as the knitting needles.  It only takes about half an hour, but it's still a good idea to eat and use the bathroom before you get started since you get a little tangled up- haha!  I messed up the first time, but thankfully ripping it out wasn't too dramatic since it's a pretty short process.
a couple of rows in
mid- knit
finished product
It makes a double loop infinity scarf.  Pretty cool!  I'm waiting for Alex to finish up a video game online with his brother then we're going out to Books-A-Million where I will wear my new scarf with glee.
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